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I am new to CT and took my car to D'Addarios after it was recommended to me by a coworker. The people over there are fantastic. They walked me through every little thing they did to my car, they were efficient, friendly, helpful and incredibly

Knowledgeable. I will absolutely be Bringing my car to them for all future issues!! Highly recommend!!!

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I heard about D'Addario's from an associate and I can finally say that I have found the Auto service I have always hoped and prayed for. We had some issues with my daughter's Subaru outback and after running the diagnostic we found out that it needed a neutral safety switch and there was a huge head gasket leak.

For what we paid for the car it honestly isn't worth the cost of the fixing the head gasket. I was going to go ahead and fix the neutral safety switch but after speaking with the gentleman about what his thoughts were he was very upfront with the possibilities of not fixing the major issue. Unlike some other places I've been who would not hesitate to take my money the guy I spoke to was very honest. I look forward to working with them with all my future auto needs.

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When my Dad passed away, I had a hard time finding somebody I could trust to be honest with me and not take advantage of me & my purse. I am so glad I found D'Addarios. The entire crew is GREAT!!! One of the best things is they work with MY schedule, which is not an easy thing to do. From now on, this is MY garage and MY mechanics!! I wouldn't hesitate to refer anybody to them.

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You really can't put loved a service station, but I had a little work done there and the price quoted was the price I paid. There was no , Oh this needs replacing or that is going They did the check up on the car and made suggestions about things I already knew about. Fair pricing, Great service and friendly atmosphere. My new car repair one stop dealer.

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Excellent service, trustworthy, friendly, and very detailed. I will go back to them for all my auto needs. I trust them and that is as GOOD AS IT GETS!!!! Great job guys and thank you!!!!

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One of the best shops I've ever dealt with. Top notch in everything. Work was exceptional and the customer service was first class. I look forward to recommending them to anyone who asks.

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It's a rare moment to find honest help nowadays, but when you do find such honest, hard-working individuals you can't help but praise their professionalism and full service. This is what you will find any time you visit D'Addario's Auto Services for all your auto repair needs. Thank you again, Curtis, Matt and staff.

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These guys are amazing. I love the service and the honesty here. Always updating me when I need to get my oil changed and to make sure I am happy with the services. These guys are the best. Plenty of placed would take advantage of younger girls thinking they can over charge.... let me tell you these guys are too honest to do that. Love them and I'm not changing!!

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